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Audition (Edmonton): Improvisor – BEERprov

Audition (Edmonton): Improvisor – BEERprov

167261_140077479386910_4025771_n**THIS IS AN OPEN AUDITION**

BEERprov is “the working man’s improv group” and we are looking for new improvisors to join our cast to showcase our arsenal of improv games, wit, and hilarity.

Just a little background information on us, we are a group of improvisors from the Edmonton area, we play seasonal 18+ shows at Avenue Theatre, we have a “Bring Your Own Venue’ spot at the Edmonton Fringe Festival (for some of us, it will be the seventh year participating in a row), and probably most importantly… we drink beer, in case you didn’t get the idea from the name.

We’re looking for a few extra cast members that live and breathe improv, that can have a good time on stage and laugh at anything, good sense of humour, like the occasional drink (interpret occasional however you wish), a knowledge of pop culture references would be considered an asset as well as impersonations.

If you love improv but don’t think you have the experience, don’t fret. If we see your love of improv is parallel to ours, and we think you’re a pretty funny character, we’d love to see how you would do anyway. We like teaching how to improv just as much as performing!

If you like what you’re reading in this classified, come down to Avenue Theatre (9030 118 Ave NW Edmonton) on April 17th at 7 pm. We’ll be having an informal-ish audition, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be our newest cast member!


Since we are called BEERprov, you can guess that this is an 18+ audition. We do drink beer on stage, our show usually has 18+ content that isn’t suitable (but hilarious regardless) to the younger generation. So if you’re under 18 we are sorry for the inconvenience, there is no exceptions to this rule.

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