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Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Open Improv Jams – yegDND

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Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Open Improv Jams – yegDND

Want to do long form improvisation inspired by Dungeons and Dragons?

YegDND is an independent Improv Troupe in Edmonton that does that! Performing every last Tuesday of the month at 7pm. We also have a spot in this year’s fringe doing a show everyday of the ten day run. Based out of the Paramount Theatre at 10233 Jasper Ave, yegDND is constantly bringing improvised theatre, for-geeks-by-geeks.

Vue Weekly says, “D&D Improv is exactly as it sounds: an improvised, life-sized game of Dungeons and Dragons, full with 20-sided die and a charismatic, god-like dungeon master who still lives in his mother’s basement. The players improvise everything, but a large majority of the play is the characters backstory, which is full of quirky games, dice checks (spun by members of the audience) and general shenanigans. Each hour-long performance is just a small segment of the game itself, meaning you have to watch every show to know how it ends. D&D Improv is hilariously original, and makes for the best nerdy date-night.” Village of the Fringe 2012.

yegDND trains their cast in improv theory and practice, many different movement methods from Laban to Suzuki, contact improv and improvised stage combat to create stories revolving around the fantasy genre.

With monthly shows and an upcoming Fringe run we are always looking for new cast members and mentors to join our troupe. Every skill can be useful, currently our group is made up of improvisers, dancers, singers, musicians, stunt men and stand up comedians. If any of these are skills you want to develop or you think you are interesting in joining a fun improv troupe, come out to our Open Improv Jams, on the second Tuesday of every month. We hold is for anyone who is interested in trying out improv, looking to practise their skills, or just get an inside look at the company!

For more information check out our website:
or e-mail us at:

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