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Day: February 21, 2013

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Auditions (Calgary): General Audition Notice – Lunchbox Theatre

GENERAL AUDITION – LUNCHBOX THEATRE – CALGARY, AB Audition day 1: 04/11/2013City: Calgary Audition day 2: 04/12/2013City: Calgary Artistic Director or casting person in attendance: Pamela Halstead/Glenda StirlingDeadline to submit: 03/15/2013Email applications to: auditions@lunchboxtheatre.comContact name: Pamela HalsteadContact email: pamela.halstead@lunchboxtheatre.comContact phone: 403 265 4292 ext 230 Engager website: www.lunchboxtheatre.com Link to

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