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Auditions (Edmonton): The Full Monty – Two ONE-WAY Tickets to Broadway

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Auditions (Edmonton): The Full Monty – Two ONE-WAY Tickets to Broadway

The Full Monty
Performance Dates: June 14 – June 30, 2013
Director/Choreographer: Adam Mazerolle-Kuss

March 8, 2013. 7-10pm
March 9, 2013. 1-5pm
March 10, 2013. 1-4pm

To book an audition please contact Nicole English at Auditions will be held at Ecole Dickinsfield School, 14420 88A Street, Edmonton.

Please prepare an up-tempo, modern musical theatre song, and comic monologue, with a combined time not to exceed five minutes. An accompanist will be available, as will a CD player.
No A Capella singing, please, and CDs should only contain backtracks, not lead vocals.

Please note that an honourarium will be offered for this show (minimum $100).

March 16, 2013. 1-5pm
Please note that actors will only be called back if more than one person is being considered for a role. Not all actors who are cast will require a callback.
Final Casting to be decided by March 29, 2013

Jerry Lukowski* – Unemployed mill worker – age 30-40 – range: tenor.
Strong singer, mover, and comedic actor.

Nathan Lukowski – Jerry’s young son – age 12, does not sing.
Parents: Please watch the original movie and read the script before bringing your son to audition. Nathan sees and hears adult-themed content and is required to say the “f-word.”

Pam Lukowski – Jerry’s estranged wife & Teddy’s fiancée – age 30-40 – range: alto.

Dave Bukatinsky* – Unemployed mill worker – age 30-40 – range: lyric tenor.
Must be comfortable with body, as character is notably overweight relative to other “Monty Men” (this is a character requirement).

Georgie Bukatinsky – Dave’s wife – age 30-40 – range: alto/broad mezzo (belt).

Malcolm MacGregor* – unemployed mill worker – age 25-40 – range: high tenor.
A shy gay man.

Ethan Girard* – unemployed mill worker – age 25-40 – range: high baritone/tenor.
Physical comedy role.

Noah “Horse” T. Simmons* – retired African-American mill worker – age 50+ – range: baritone/tenor.
Good mover and comic actor.

Harold Nichols – unemployed mill supervisor – age 35-60 – range: high baritone/tenor.

Vicki Nichols – Harold’s wife – age 30-55 – range: alto/mezzo (belt).

Jeanette Burmeister – piano player – age 50 – range: low alto (belt).
She has seen it all.

Buddy “Keno” Walsh* – handsome gay male stripper – age 21-32.
Must be comfortable with his body.

Teddy Slaughter, Estelle Genovese, Susan Hershey, Joanie Lish, Dolores, Reg Willoughby, Tony Giradano, Marty, Gary. Ages 20-50.

* Monty Men: If you are auditioning for any of these six roles please be aware you will need to be very comfortable with your body; enough to be onstage in your underwear and eventually a G-string. The shows final moment is exactly as indicated in the script and movie. Final decisions on this moment will be made in rehearsal but actors should be prepared to go all the way. Trust is very important in roles such as these and will be respected at all times. Please wear clothing that reveals your overall body shape accurately. You will not be asked to undress at auditions.

Women: This show is not just about the guys and their underwear issues! The women’s roles are powerful, pivotal and memorable with stellar songs.
Some roles do not require dancing or singing, but all actors should prepare a song and monologue for auditions. All actors will be used to the show’s fullest capability.

All ages are stage ages and allow for some room.

Adult content, themes and language present throughout.

For more information visit

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