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Day: February 4, 2013

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Jobs (Calgary): Artistic Director – Inside Out Theatre

Inside Out Theatre invites applications for the position of Artistic Director; this is a part-time position with competitive compensation. Inside Out Theatre offers quality drama education and theatre production opportunities to people with mixed abilities, where they can experience fellowship, develop their creative skills, and share their stories and ideas

Auditions (Calgary): Male actor needed for touring TYA show – Evergreen Theatre

Evergreen Theatre is seeking one male actor for our spring touring musical TYA show: Princess Prudence and the Fairest in the LandRehearsals April 15-26, 2013 Touring Alberta April 29- June 7, 2013 Actors are responsible to provide their own living arrangements in Calgary during the rehearsal process and during in-town

Volunteer (Edmonton): Sound Designer – Mindhive Collective

Mindhive Collective is re-staging a production of s/kin in March 2013 and is looking for a sound designer to make small edits in the current sound track of the show. s/kin premiered at the 2011 Edmonton Fringe Festival as a 50 minute piece looking at the boundaries between self and

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