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News (National): Equity Announces Two New Policies

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News (National): Equity Announces Two New Policies

As the culmination of the work of Equity’s Council, Independent Theatre Review Committee, staff, and most importantly the Association’s membership, Equity is pleased to present two new policies designed to facilitate work in small-scale theatre productions. The ITRC report, the membership survey, a cross-country member consultation, Council policy directives and Councillor input, have all served to inform the creation of these policies. A great deal of time and consideration went into the evaluation of (sometimes conflicting) information. We believe that the newly created policies capture most of the issues in need of reassessment while protecting the most members.

The INDIE 2.0 and the Artists’ Collective Policy, replace the Independent Artists Project Policy (the “Indie”), the Co-Op Guidelines (Co-op) and the Small Scale Theatre Addendum (SSTA). Equity members indicated a strong desire to be able to work together in ways that better suit both their needs and the requirements of the production and to do it with more autonomy from Equity. Both policies offer much greater flexibility in all aspects of engagement and encourage participants to determine many terms and conditions themselves and report them to Equity rather than to conform to pre-determined conditions. An overview of both  new policies is available at http://www.caea.com/EquityWeb/NewsAndEvents/News/2013/INDIE2.0-CollectiveAnnouncement.pdf.
Members and independent small-scale producers are encouraged to contact Equity to discuss how a production may be accommodated. For more information please visit EQUITYONLINE (http://www.caea.com) for copies of the new policies OR call the National Office at 1-800-387-1856 (416-867-9165 in Toronto) and ask to speak to the Business Representative who is handling these new policies.
The new INDIE 2.0 (visit http://www.caea.com) provides for a decision-making process based on the needs of the individual artists participating and the requirements of a production. The policy has two weekly fee options, including one for revenue sharing, and provides for touring. Theatres that have previously operated under the Guest Artist Policy or ITA, but meet the theatre and production requirements, will be eligible to operate under the INDIE 2.0. All artists working in categories within Equity’s jurisdiction are now contracted under the INDIE 2.0, regardless of membership status. As a new advantage, insurance weeks earned under the INDIE 2.0 will count towards the minimum requirements regular members will need under Equity’s new insurance plan for year-round coverage (coming in April 2013).

The Artists’ Collective Policy (visit http://www.caea.com) is ideal for those productions where there is no guarantee of any fees and instead there is an agreement to share revenues, including box office proceeds. The Collective may be made up of individuals or a group of individuals which may or may not operate under a “company” name. Revenues may be shared in any way that is agreeable to the participants and that reflects their individual contributions to the project. Insurance premiums have been reduced to $10.00 per week. There is a new $25 administration fee.
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tel: 416-867-9165
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