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Event (Edmonton): CAWS #3 – Collective Artist Workshare

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Event (Edmonton): CAWS #3 – Collective Artist Workshare

This is a one-time only community event. Please help spread the word to those who might be interested!

This next WorkShare is generously hosted by Punctuate! Theatre (at the TACOS space,) and will be incredibly informative. Join us with a notebook, a pen, and a coffee and take in all you can from Penny Ritco and Joyce LaBriola as they generously share what they can on strategies for finding funding for our Theatre Projects.

Penny Ritco is the Executive Director of the Citadel Theatre. The title says it all but for those who do not know what that position entails Penny explains, “I ensure that the human, physical and monetary resources are in place to fulfil the Citadel’s mandate and artistic vision. This includes hiring and leading staff; fundraising through grants, donors, sponsors; budgeting for our productions, programs and facility; participating in season and strategic planning and ultimately loving theatre.”
Penny has done it all – from working with tiny theatre companies and no money, to being the executive director of one of the largest and most successful theatre companies in Canada. She is excited to share whatever she can with members of our community.
Learn more about Penny –

Joyce LaBriola is the Director of Marketing and Development at the Citadel Theatre. Her team is comprised of 15 amazing people who are “responsible for all revenue generation, i.e. ticket sales, corporate sponsorship and fund development, as well as all brand awareness, public relations, communications, and promotion of the Citadel Theatre/Robbins Academy.” ~ ( Joyce recently worked as the Manager of Marketing & Licensing for the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, and not only is she great behind the scenes she is a performer herself and a regular with the Edmonton Opera Chorus!
Learn more about Joyce –

Please join us as Joyce and Penny are donate their time to share knowledge with us.

A bit of history…
The Collective Artist WorkShare will create opportunity for artists of varied experience and disciplines to come together to share and grow through the exchange of practical and experiential knowledge. Each CAWS session will be led by an individual(s) from the arts community. The presenter will be challenged to enlighten their colleagues by sharing valuable and insightful information on a specific aspect of their personal artistic pursuits. The collective will listen and learn with an open mind and be challenged to support the presenter, engage in the material and refresh their own perspective.

CAWS are donation entry events. Presenters and administrative staff value any kind of support.

The CAWS #1 was a great success. Presenters and participants relaxed, shared, and learned over coffee and notebooks. Megan Dart and Paul Blinov presented on media relations, followed by Ellen Chorley presenting on grant applications.

CAWS #2 was also wonderful. Ainsley Hillyard from the Good Women Dance Collective shared her first hand experience and knowledge of the world of fundraising, and then Adam Mitchell took us on a journey into the life of a solid production manager.

We just cannot wait for CAWS #3!

All the best and see you soon!
The CAWS team

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