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Auditions (Calgary): The Raven – A New Musical

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Auditions (Calgary): The Raven – A New Musical


Thanks to a recent donation, all actors will be paid.

There are a few audition spots left, so book your audition now.

There are more audition times open for men than women and we will be filling those first, but we are looking for a musically strong, diverse cast and encourage all non-equity, musical theatre singers to apply.


Friday February 1st, 2013 – 6:00 to 10:30 p.m.

Saturday February 2nd, 2013 – 1:00 to 5:30 p.m.


 Monday, February 4th

Evergreen Studios (2633 Hochwald Ave SW)


Rehearsals:  Will begin the week of February 11th (Tuesdays and Saturdays with one Monday on the 25th)

The First Reading is on March 16with additional rehearsals/tech running March 11-15.

A Second Reading and Cast Recording will take place on April 5-6th with Rehearsals running April 1-5th, 2013. 

(Cast members must be available for both Reading dates.  All Rehearsals will take place in the evenings and Saturdays)

Casting Requirements:  (The ages of the characters are approximate.  We are looking for actors who can portray these ages, but we are more interested in the vocal quality then the physical age.)

Edgar: (Tenor-Strong Belter) Male 18-30

DEATH: (Bass/Baritone) Male 18-40

RUFUS: (Tenor-Strong Belter) Must be able play a dandy fool/fop (very high tenor) and also an alter-ego of Death (deeper richer baritone) Male 18-30

RAINE: (Mezzo-Strong Belter) Female 18-30

LENORE: (Lyric Soprano, but with an edge) Female 18-30

EFFY: (Alto/Mezzo-Strong Belter) Female 18-30

ROMAN: (Tenor-Strong Belter with a Rock Edge) Male 18-30

DEATH HUNTERS: 4 Women-(Strong Belter with a Rock Edge); 4 Men-(Strong Belter with a Rock Edge) Approx. 18-40

LADY HELEN ROSEWICKE: (Mezzo/Alto) A snobby Matron of Society.  Effy’s Mother.  Female 40-60+

LADY PERDITA BLAQUE: (Mezzo) A proud Matron of Society.  Roman’s Mother.  Female 40-60+

LADY ADELE WORTHAM: (Soprano) The most sour and most ancient Matron of Society.  Rufus’s aged Aunt.Female 40-60+

DUKE OF BILLINGSHEAD: (Bari/Bass-Comedic) Lenore’s grandfather, much to his son’s chagrin won’t die and pass on his  title. Billingshead’s had enough of society, and says what he likes.  Male 40-60+

DUKE OF WITHERSFIELD: (Tenor-Comedic) Cronies with Billingshead and Honeywood.  He has an easy laugh and is an embarrassment to his honorable daughter, Lady Rosewicke.  Male 40-60+

EARL OF HONEYWOOD: (Baritone-Comedic) The most ancient man in society and the most irreverent, though he can barely  get his wry comments past his quivering mustache. Male 40-60+

ALGIE: (Baritone) Male (Any age)

WILBEY: (Tenor) Male (Any age)

SHEEBA: (Mezzo): Female (Any age)

ENSEMBLE:  6 Women (Varying ranges and ages); 6 Men (Varying ranges and ages)


• Vocal – Please prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre piece and 16-32 bars of a rock/pop piece.  Please select pieces which show off your voice and demonstrate your ability to show character and tell a story while singing. Please bring sheet music with piano accompaniment OR karaoke (without vocal) track on a CD or IPod. We will have an accompanist there to play for you. NO ACCAPELLA.
• Acting – Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue that shows off your abilities.  If invited to callbacks you will be asked to read from sides appropriate to the role/roles for which you are being considered.  The sides will be made available to you at the audition.  Possible accents required for the musical:  British and Cockney.  If you have experience with these accents we may request to hear them, but accents are not required for the audition.

 Sign up for an audition time by sending your headshot and resume to:

 All other audition information, updates and music clips can be found at our website at:





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