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Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Play Reading Participants Wanted – All About Trees

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Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Play Reading Participants Wanted – All About Trees

Play Reading Participants Wanted

A new Edmonton playwright is searching for participants for a reading of her first play. Entitled “All About Trees”, the play is about a group of friends and sisters, who have lost their friend, lover, and girlfriend in a tragic event. This follows the group as they try to continue on with their lives, and their interactions with one another.

While we are searching for actors and actresses to read the various parts, we are also looking for men and women to simply observe, and to provide feedback in the form of thoughts, feelings, and questions about the play. There may be a discussion following the reading, although staying for the discussion is optional.

If you are interested in joining, please send an e-mail to AllAboutTreesPlay@hotmail.com. In it, include whether you would like to read for a character, or simply observe. If you would like to read, please send your theatre resume (headshot is optional) as well as the name of any characters you would like to read for. A list of characters is listed below.

The reading will take place on Saturday, January 19th, 2013 between 12:00 and 4:00.
Location will be sent through e-mail.

MAX: A 19 – 20 year old woman. Half-sisters with SOPHIE. LIEF’s roomie. A very sarcastic, loud young woman with tomboy tendancies. Wild and bold, with seemingly no fear, and low tolerance for annoyances. Emphasis should be on the frequent use of sarcasm!
SOPHIE: A 19 – 20 year old woman. Half-sisters with MAX. Down to earth and sensitive, honest and a total idealist. A dreamer and an artist. A hopeless romantic, and optimistic when it comes to the good of humanity.
LIEF: A 22 – 24 year old man. A hippie. Long hair or dreadlocks, scruffy looking. Not exceedingly muscular, but strong and built. Not somebody who would appear very emotional. An odd sense of right or wrong, and with a different view of the world, and a skewered way of connecting with others.
BETH: A memory. A 19 – 20 year old woman. A beautiful hippie. A memory.
ESME: A friend. 19 – 20 year old woman. An earthy, mystical sort of young lady. Wild and smart, and oddly quirky. Bold. Not afraid to be different, and not afraid to state her thoughts out loud.
CAM: A 19 year old man.
DEV: A 19 year old man.
MAC: A memory. A 19 – 20 year old man.
AUNT: SOPHIE’s aunt. A smoker, with a hoarse voice and a loud, boisterous laugh.
DAD: SOPHIE and MAX’s father. MAX is estranged, and SOPHIE is doted on and protected by her father.

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