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All Stages Online: Winter 2012 – Corporate/Culture

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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All Stages Online: Winter 2012 – Corporate/Culture

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Theatre Alberta is proud to launch our newest social media presence to coincide with the release of our latest edition of All Stages – Corporate/Culture. We are LinkedIN

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. It boasts over 175 million members worldwide and is primarily used for ‘professional’ networking: career building, job seeking, head hunting and the such (…or so we’ve heard). So we thought it only fitting to announce our presence there as All Stages examines how the corporate world and theatre community connects in Alberta

 As with our other social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), you will be able to find latest Classifieds listings, News posts and other items we publish through our RSS feed in our LinkedIn group. LinkedIn groups, however, are organized as a series of “discussions” and thus we thought this platform would be well suited to discuss some of the strong opinions expressed in Corporate/Culture.
Specifically, we wanted to examine Trevor Rueger’s article “Changing the Conversation,” in which he examines the demise of theatres in both the profit (Dancap Productions) and not-for-profit (Vancouver Playhouse) models. In the article, Trevor argues that the theatre community needs to rethink and reframe our arguments when it comes to making the case for both funding and audiences. It is a compelling argument – read it here.
So, what do you think? Why did these companies fail, and could the same thing happen here in Alberta? Are we indeed arguing the wrong points when selling what we do? What should we be saying — and to whom?
Visit our LinkedIn group here and have your say.
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