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Thank you to our 2012 Casino Volunteers!

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Thank you to our 2012 Casino Volunteers!

Volunteers for Theatre Alberta’s 2012 Casino: Baccarat Casino, Edmonton

On November 22 and 23, Theatre Alberta had 34 wonderful people volunteer their time and energy to work our 2012 Casino. This is a valuable source of funding for our organization. By volunteering to work a shift or two, these volunteers have directly supported our programs and services. We did the math: one volunteer shift at a Theatre Alberta Casino is worth approximately $2,015 (averaged over our past four casinos)! Thanks so much to the following volunteers:

Clyde Rigsby
Ken Agrell-Smith
Julie Sinclair
Marie Gynane-Willis
Ella Mayer
Jan Taylor
David Wolkowski
Kevin Mott
Sue Quon
Ruby Swekla
Michele Brown

Katherine Gorham
Mary Elizabeth Archer
Giorgia Severini
Amanda Niblett
Rachel Rudd
Brenda McNicol
Mary-Ellen Perley
Adam Mitchell
Dana Rayment
Davina Stewart
Bobbi Westman

Catherine Wenschlag
Pamela Schmunk
Julie Brown
Barbara Mah 
Nic Mather
Alex Hawkins
Janice Hoover
MJ Kreisel
Phil Kreisel
Kristen Finlay

You have all been listed in our Supporters page as well… YOU ALL ROCK!!!

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