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Jobs (Drumheller): Assistant Director/Fight Director – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Jobs (Drumheller): Assistant Director/Fight Director – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Assistant Director/Fight Director:
The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is currently accepting applications for an Assistant/Fight Director for the summer of 2013. The contract would run from May 14th to July 21st, with a 3-day pre-rehearsal directors’ retreat Friday, March 29th to Monday, April 1st. There is also a mandatory post mortem meeting on Tuesday, July 23. The Passion Play work week runs Thursday through Monday.

Job Description:
Part of a directing team consisting of:
Lead Directors (2 Co-Directors)
Crowd Director

The Assistant/Fight Director’s responsibilities include the following:
•    Assisting the director with background research for the show.
•    Taking notes during rehearsal – usually on such elements as specific problem areas, character and relationship problems, actor-related blocking and acting problems, line notes, and so on.
•    Working with leads and principles on their blocking, scene work or character development as approved or designated by the Lead Director/s.
•    Directing specific scenes or components of scenes as designated by the Lead Director/s.
•    Ensuring the safety of the cast, crew, and audience in any sequences requiring aggressive physical contact.
•    Recommending to the Director the number and type of fighters needed for casting, conducting fight auditions and advising the director on casting of fighters.
•    Designing, creating, and implementing fight/action sequences that fulfill the story ideas and vision of the Lead Director/s, Musical Directors, and Choreographers
•    Rehearsing everyone who fights and assisting in additional combat/movement staging at the director’s discretion.

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is one of Canada’s largest outdoor theatrical events. Now in its 20th season, the company annually depicts the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in dramatic form. An epic story told on an epic scale, this year’s production features a creative retelling of the Gospel of John by a mixed professional/volunteer cast of approximately 200 actors in a 2700-seat outdoor amphitheatre.

Any interested applicants are encouraged to email a resume and cover letter to Ms. Ailsa Birnie at pplayproduction@me.com no later than December 5, 2012. Short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews in the first two weeks of December with a hiring decision by Christmas, 2012.


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