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Classes (Edmonton): Borscht – Freedom Tech Production

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Classes (Edmonton): Borscht – Freedom Tech Production

START: JAN. 18, 2013 – MARCH. 22 2013 (FRIDAYS)
COST: $300 + GST
*all skill level welcome even if you never acted before.
This course is a mixture of acting riches, from theatre to film and everything in-between come and discover what ingredient you are.
We will embark on an exploration of:
•    getting the “Look”
•    Respond to theatre art as an effort to interpret, intensify and ennoble human experience.
•    Imitate life experiences and imaginary scenes in dramatic play
•    Dance styles from Hip hop to musical theatre
•    Vocal and physical warm ups for the theatre and film
•    Headshots and resume types
•    Learn to be in the moment
•    Hitting the arch of a phrase/beat/scene.
•    Improve
•    A touch on film acting
•    Stop Motion
•    Green Scene
If you are interested please go to www.freedomtechproduction.ca to sign up

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