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Class (Edmonton): Onion Skin One – Freedom Tech Production

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Class (Edmonton): Onion Skin One – Freedom Tech Production

PREREQUISITES: Must have taken an intermediate or an advance acting class.
STARTS: JAN. 14, 2013 – MARCH. 18 2013 (MONDAY)
COST: $350+ GST
An actor must never obviously give the impression that he is giving a characterization or projecting emotions, or speaking so as to arrest the attention of the audience. He must work convincingly, naturally all the while working with technical certainty vocally and physically. No other attribute is more serviceable than Vocal clarity, ease, strength and precision. We will be working on voice and speech; relaxation and self-confidence. And to develop an appreciation for drama and art form, great emphasis will be placed upon the performer/creator, we will become familiar with dramatic terminology and script format, to develop belief in identification with, and commitment to a role, to become familiar with disciplines that enhance dramatic process.
In this class we will cover:
•    A review of theatre terms and how and why an actor prepares
•    Cold read monologues. Assign monologues. Discuss beats / tactics.
•    To develop the ability to give form or expression to feelings, ideas and images
•    To develop the body and voice as tools of communication.
•    Physical warm ups: positive and negative movements, supporting body weight from your Centre of gravity.
•    The colours of your character, random walking, talking, thinking of your character, in a given situation.
•    According to “beats” of the play, work projection, the giving and receiving of intention vocally.
•    Speaking over the microphone and learning about radio dramas.
•    How to strengthen your centre core
•    Develop skills of analysis and spontaneity in creating characters
•    Assume roles through imitation
•    Use improvisation in creating a character
•    Respond to direction
If you are interested please go to www.freedomtechproduction.ca to sign up.

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