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News: New Calgary Collective Presents Double Bill Clown Show

News: New Calgary Collective Presents Double Bill Clown Show

The PIE Factory is a new creation collective based in Calgary, striving to present new and classic physical theatre in Calgary and around Alberta. We are VERY excited to be doing a double bill presentation with another clown team from Edmonton (Small Matters Productions) in a Double Bill of Clown – Alberta Power! We will presenting it in Calgary at the Lunchbox theatre November 14 – 17th and then up in Edmonton in January 2013 at the Punctuate! space

The PIE Factory will be presenting our latest work which was most recently commissioned by the Calgary International Children’s Festival in 2012 called ‘The Lost n’ Lost Department’.

Small Matters Productions will be presenting Fools For Love which just came back from the NYC Clown BRICK 2012 Festival and received glowing reception.

We hope this trade among the two cities is the beginning of a longer tradition in connecting and growing the North and South physical theatre communities of this province.

Click here for the press release: Downtown Clown Double Bill