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Audition (Edmonton): Training Video – Darklight Productions

Audition (Edmonton): Training Video – Darklight Productions

Want to be in a training video for the University?

We are moving into production on a video to teach medical professionals and students to better understand and work with people of different cultures. The latest is about Breast Cancer in the Sikh community.

The video is sensitive to the issue and our client is in constant contact with consultants to help research the subject.

This video is number 11 in a series of 11. The video will accompany a teaching manual and will be distributed across Canada.

If you’d like to be apart of this, we’d love to meet you. Acting experience is an asset, but it’s more important to us that you look and be the part, for accuracy.

These are paid positions. Please contact us for details.
Auditions to be scheduled on a first come basis.

Details below, but basically here’s what we need:

Punjabi woman 65-70.
Punjabi woman 45-50.
Caucasian woman 25-27.

We need the Punjabi women for a full long day (10-12 hrs), and the Caucasian woman for 6-8 hrs.

Potential shoot date is still being ironed down, but looks like second or third week of October.

Please contact Michael for an audition time:

Priya KaurRhandhawa: age 65 – 70: Widowed and brought to Canada 10 years ago by eldest son, Harpreet, to be cared for in declining years by him and his wife. Priya is not overly fond of her daughter-in-law, Aman. Aman is westernized and Priya finds this difficult to accept.

Aman Kaur Gill: age 45 – 50: Married Harpreet when she was 20, then came to Canada. Harpreet is an investment broker and Aman is a real estate agent. She is fairly Western, but keeps a traditional house in many respects. However, she does go to a doctor and her soon to be daughter-in-law has been impressing on her the importance of personal care such as going to the family physician. Aman has had a mammogram although it took some convincing to go for this check up.

Mary Beth Simons: age: 25 – 27: Caucasian: Soon to be daughter in law of Aman: is a University student doing her residency. She tries very hard to be sensitive to the culture situation into which she is marrying; so she does understand that Priya might be reluctant to see a western doctor about her pain.

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