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Workshop (Edmonton): Phit Phat and Friends – Freedom Tech Productions

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Workshop (Edmonton): Phit Phat and Friends – Freedom Tech Productions

TIME: 8:15PM-10:15PM
COST: $300 + GST

If you are an Athlete, Stuntman, Horse-back rider or any other physically fit person looking to make a leap into films OR you are an actor who not been doing to will in audition and are looking to learn new auditioning skills then check out PHAT PHIT and Friends at www.freedomtechproduction.ca.

This Class is specially designed for those who need to be physically fit for jobs (ect. Personal trainer, stunt person, and athletes) and who want to make a transition into film or learn more for film. This class is designed for those with and without acting experience. During the class you will be exploring how to prepare for an audition and the protocols for before, during and after the audition. Each class will be treated as a real audition and so you will be learn that the process will vary depending on the project, casting and producer. During each class the actors will hear what is said about each performance. Information about governances of projects and tax credits.

We will also be looking at:

• Headshots and resume types
• IPA Agreement
• Eco-Casting
• How to listen and adjust your way to confidence along with define your courage and ability to make knowledge based character choices that are interesting
• Hitting the arch of a phrase/beat/scene.
• Learn to be in the moment
• Basic Street/Musical Theatre dance based on what’s on Broadway and what is coming up for filming here based on same
• Getting the “Look”
• Three comparative linguistic styles currently in use for film and television.
• An exploration of new genres according to L.A. meetings. How to prepare for auditions from historical to present.
• Canadian content, Includes artists who work boards/film/T.V. and how they transition depending on their style of working. Hagen, Strasburg, Method.
• When is your “likeness” out there in the wrong places and can ruin you before you start in the actual biz.

If you would like to learn more on how to ace a audition this is a course for you. For more information please go to www.freedomtechproduction.ca where you can also sign up. 

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