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Fringe (Edmonton): “KANKER in Heaven Only Know” – Crazyface Productions

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Fringe (Edmonton): “KANKER in Heaven Only Know” – Crazyface Productions


If you have a thing for the perverse, twisted and disgusting join this unpredictable and ornery clown as she defecates on her past to become the new perfect KANKER.

Performed by Rachel Victoria Steele
Directed by Andrew Ritchie
Clown/Script Advisor: Mike Kennard


Edmonton Fringe – VENUE #4 at King Edward Academy

Saturday, August 18: 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm
Sunday, August 19: 7:45 pm – 8:30 pm
Monday, August 20: 11:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Thursday, August 23: 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm
Friday, August 24: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm
Saturday, August 25: 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

Production Company:

Crazyface Productions was created in 2012 by Andrew Ritchie with the mandate to create innovative clown, mask and bouffon stylized work which stimulate an emotionally charged actor/audience relationship while supporting the growing Canadian physical theatre community.This is the first full length clown show for KANKER and she is excited and terrified to share it with you.

Show Synopsis:

Follow KANKER, a clown who lives in a mud hovel on the planet Molten on the edge of existence. Every day she prays to her god WEEB for the one thing she believes will bring her
everlasting happiness, but everyday her prayers go unanswered. On this day, she decides to take matters into her own hands, unleashing a chain of catastrophic and hilarious events. KANKER and the audience go on a wild, wacky and messy journey in search of answers that in the end
‘Heaven Only Knows.’ Throughout her journey, KANKER endures birth, death and spiritual defecation on her fruitless pursuit of perfection.

Created by: Andrew Ritchie & Rachel Victoria Steele

Stage Manager/Producer: Mark Vetsch
Clown Apprentice: Sophie Gareau-Brennan

Sound Designer/Graphic Design: Tynan Boyd
Photography: Chris Steele and Ed Ellis

Tickets are available at the Fringe Festival Box Office, in advance by phone (780)409-1910, or by visiting

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