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Fringe (Edmonton): “Birth, Death and Somewhere in Between” – The Strawboat Collective

Fringe (Edmonton): “Birth, Death and Somewhere in Between” – The Strawboat Collective

The Strawboat Collective presents Birth, Death and Somewhere in Between
This solo performance from Western Australia will make you both laugh and cry. Toby’s carefree world as a university student, surfer and musician is about to end with the news that his girlfriend is pregnant. Meanwhile his father is having a midlife crisis and his grandfather has plans to escape.

Written and Directed by Kerry Bowden
Performed by Nick Stevenson

Acacia Hall
10433 83rd Avenue
August 17 – 2:00 pm
August 19 – 10:30 pm
August 20 – 8:15 pm
August 21 – 12:15 pm
August 23 – 10:15 pm
August 24 – 4:00 pm
August 25 – 6:00 pm

About The Strawboat Collective:
The Strawboat Collective is a newly formed, small independent theatre company based in Fremantle, Western Australia. The Strawboat Collective is home for both emerging and experienced artists providing them with opportunities to explore, experiment, create and develop new works for theatre. At the heart of the company’s philosophy is artistic expression, collaboration and accessibility. The creative collective between playwrights, actors, directors and others involved in the artistic process ensures the formation of a diverse and cohesive ensemble that contributes to every part of the production. The company is committed to producing new works which challenge audiences to think about what it is to be human and the connectivity that exists between one person and another. The Strawboat Collective’s vision of community and accessibility means that productions are not confined to just theatres but can take place in alternative performance spaces such as houses, laneways, shopfronts, parks and temporary pop up venues.

Click here to view a video from the rehearsal process: production-in-progress

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