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Fringe (Edmonton): “Four in the Crib” — Northern Sabbatical Productions

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Fringe (Edmonton): “Four in the Crib” — Northern Sabbatical Productions

Four in the Crib by Linda Wood Edwards
Directed by David Cheoros
Starring Linda Cornell, Judy McFerran, Kieran O’Callaghan. Jan Streader

Sex! Murder! Intrigue! Who knew that cribbage could be this enjoyable? Four seniors struggle to keep their independence, have some fun, and get over the skunk line. Parental guidance is recommended for children under forty.

BYOV Strathcona Library 8331–104 Street Air conditioned
Friday, Aug 17 – 2:00pm
Saturday, Aug 18 – 6:45pm
Sunday, Aug 19 – Noon
Monday, Aug 20 – 8:00pm
Tuesday, Aug 21 – 8:0pm
Wednesday, Aug 22 – 5:15pm
Thursday, Aug 23 – 12:30pm
Friday, Aug 24 – 12:30pm
Saturday, Aug 25 – 5:15pm
Sunday, Aug 26 – 2:30pm


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