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Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Fringe (Calgary-Edmonton): “BAD GIRLS” – Glamorgan Productions

Fringe (Calgary-Edmonton): “BAD GIRLS” – Glamorgan Productions

Good girls help you move, bad girls help you move the bodies. These wicked women are funny, naughty, and dangerous. They don’t cry, they just get even. Come experience the fun in this collection of one-act plays filled with mirth, mystery, mayhem, and murder.

Performed By: Glamorgan Productions
Playwright: Various
Director: Robert J. McLaughlin

Cast: Wendy Froberg, Bethany Holmes, Allisha Pelletier, Kearstin Plemel, Serena Snively
Genre: Comedy/Drama / Comedy / Drama

Rating: Restricted (18+ – Minors Not Allowed, Sexual Content, Adult Language)
Length: 75 minutes

CALGARY – August 3-11, 2012
Venue: “Festival Hall”: 1215-10th Ave., S.E.
Tickets: $ 15.00
NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button ($5), along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show.

Saturday, August 4th – 7:30pm
Sunday, August 5th – 5:30pm
Monday, August 6th – 1:30pm
Wednesday, August 8th – 5:30pm
Thursday, August 9th – 9:30pm
Friday, August 10th – 7:30pm

EDMONTON – August 16-26, 2012
Venue: Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre
(formerly the Cosmopolitan Music Society)
8426 Gateway Blvd.
Tickets: $ 12 General / $10 Students and Seniors

Thursday, August 16th – 11:59 pm
Friday, August 17 – 2:15 pm
Sunday, August 19 – 8:15 pm
Tuesday, August 21 – 12:15 pm
Friday, August 24 – 4:30 pm
Saturday, August 25 – 6:30 pm

Follow the BAD GIRLS Western Canadian Fringe Festival tour on the director’s blog:

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