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Job (Calgary/ Edmonton): Sales Person – Production Lighting

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Job (Calgary/ Edmonton): Sales Person – Production Lighting

Title: Production Lighting Sales Person
Location: Edmonton or Calgary offices
Work Experience: 1 to 5 Years
Job Status/Type: Full time / Employee

Job Description 


  • work co-operatively with the head of sales to supply our clients with the best service possible
  • read and interpret blueprints, and use computer assisted design (CAD) software to create drawings
  • They will work with individual clients, corporate purchasers, government purchasers, project managers and general contractors to ensure timely delivery of goods and invoicing
  • They are also charged with maintaining a stock inventory of common consumable goods and the ordering of required goods for sales and installations under the tutelage of the Head of Sales
  • they will work with all other Production Lighting employee’s inclusive of sub-contractors and contractors to ensure that all safety guidelines are followed (further information of section 3 of this document) 

Production Lighting’s Sales people will have to contend with a pace of work that can become hectic. Last minute changes are often required and must be dealt with in an efficient manner. If at any time you believe that your safety or the safety of others is at risk then it is yours and our responsibility as a team to remedy the situation. Sales personnel are routinely required to lift and carry equipment, occasionally they may be required to lift equipment weighing up to 25 kilograms or more. 


  • work as part of a team
  • adapt to a variety of sales styles and requirements
  • meet deadlines and operate inside of fluid timelines
  • keep up with changes in technology
  • be able to improvise when the perfect tools are not available
  • Move heavy equipment safely (which requires a moderate level of physical fitness).
  • be able to work alone effectively
  • Gain the confidence of the other employees and clients of the company 

Salary: Based upon a 40 hour work week which is usually Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm the Salary is dependent upon experience. 

Contact: Please send all resumes with cover letters electronically to

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