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Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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News: Albertans more likely to attend theatre than other Canadians

News: Albertans more likely to attend theatre than other Canadians

Hill Strategies Research Inc. has released new data on Arts, Cultural and Heritage participation for each Canadian province in 2010. Click here to access all provincial profiles.

According to their research, Albertans are more likely than other Canadians to participate in many different arts, culture and heritage activities, including:

  • Going to museums other than art galleries (40.9% of Albertans vs. 32.7% of all Canadians);
  • Attending theatre performances (48.3% of Albertans vs. 44.3% of all Canadians);
  • Visiting zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, planetariums or observatories (50.3% of Albertans vs. 42.3% of all Canadians);
  • Visiting conservation areas or nature parks (66.1% of Albertans vs. 57.9% of all Canadians);
  • Reading magazines (86.5% of Albertans vs. 82.0% of all Canadians);
  • Watching videos (87.1% of Albertans vs. 79.1% of all Canadians);
  • Listening to music on CDs, records, etc. (80.8% of Albertans vs. 75.8% of all Canadians); and
  • Listening to downloaded music (56.2% of Albertans vs. 50.9% of all Canadians).

The percentage of Albertans participating in the other arts, culture and heritage activities is similar to the Canadian averages.

Click here to download the Alberta provincial profile: Cultural_activities_Alberta2010

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