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Job (Edmonton) – Stage Managers – Cowardly Kiss Theatre at 2012 Edmonton Fringe

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Job (Edmonton) – Stage Managers – Cowardly Kiss Theatre at 2012 Edmonton Fringe

Cowardly Kiss Theatre is seeking Stage Managers for the 2012 Edmonton Fringe Festival. We, along with our children’s branch, Petite Granada Theatre, have three shows in this year’s Fringe, so we’re looking for at least two Stage Managers. Rehearsals would begin anywhere from May to July, depending on the production. Here’s a quick look at the plays we’re looking to staff:

A System of Pulleys
Written and Directed by Andrea Beça; Starring Kristen Padayas and Janine Hodder; Dramaturgy by Margaret Eleanor McCall

Two women meet. These two women know each other. These two women hoped to never see one another again. Now they’re spending an indeterminable amount of time together. Together. What did you say? Two women meet… These two women—know each other? These two women sure as hell never want to lay eyes on one another again. Now they’re—shit. Stuck? With her? Two wo— WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

“I know people say this all the time, but this—this is actually the last thing I need today.”

Written by Michelle Kennedy; Directed and Dramaturged by Andrea Beça; Starring Adrianne Salmon

JC & JC is a little ditty about a girl so destroyed by love that she takes herself hostage in a sweltering Miami hotel room waiting to be saved…by John Cusack. Part rom-com, part Waiting for Godot, JC & JC is all about the search for hope when hope has flown for the orange trees and all we need is a gun or a boom box to rescue us.

“If you’re doing the math that means I’ve been here about 5 days. It’s sort of an awkward situation but I think I’ve got it under control. I’m not worried.”

I, Caliban (Petite Granada Theatre)
Written by Tim Crouch; Directed by Andrea Beça; Starring Cody Porter

The events of The Tempest are recounted by Caliban, alone on Prospero’s island, in this beautifully sweet, funny, and complex-in-its-simplicity re-imagining of a Shakespearean classic. I, Caliban is a play about injustice, what really makes a monster, and about missing your mum.

“You’d be ugly too if you had a life like mine.”

Interested Stage Managers should send resumes to Andrea Beça at (or for I, Caliban).

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