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Job (Drumheller): Sound Engineer – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

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Job (Drumheller): Sound Engineer – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Sound Engineer

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is currently accepting applications for the Sound Engineer for the summer of 2012. The contract would run from May 10th to July 29th, 2012.Canadian Badlands Passion Play

The Sound Engineer will be responsible for maintaining and operating the entire sound system for the 2012 Passion Play season. The specific duties are as follows. Early on in the season this individual will be in charge of putting the sound system together. This will involve moving gear around, hooking up speakers, running lines to speakers, hiding speakers, running tests on equipment and maintaining upwards of 24 wireless mics. This will be done under the supervision/help of a few individuals who are familiar with the set up.

During rehearsals and performances the Sound Engineer is responsible for “mixing” the show. This involves 24 wireless microphones on a multitude of persons over a stage the size of two football fields. The individual chosen will need to keep a detailed script with movements written in and a cue system with proper protocol for the movement of sound sources across the stage. The Sound Engineer will have to be in contact with both the Stage Sound and Sound Assistant (one in the booth and one behind stage dealing with mic changes). The Sound Engineer is also responsible for making sure system is powered on and off each day. All work done will be supervised by the Composer who was involved last year with the building and running of the system. The Sound Engineer will have to take notes and take orders from both the Composer and the Directors in relation to sound levels, etc.

This is an evolving position, so new duties may be assigned as they arise. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone in the field of mixing to be involved with a truly one of a kind production.

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play is one of Canada’s largest outdoor theatrical events. Now in its 19th season, the company annually depicts the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in dramatic form. An epic story told on an epic scale, this year’s production features a creative retelling of the Gospel of John. The script will be originated by a mixed professional/volunteer cast of approximately 200 actors in a 2700-seat outdoor amphitheatre.

For more information, check out Scott Peters in depth Q2Q article – “A Passionate Secret” – featured in the Winter 2011 edition of All Stages.

Any interested applicants are encouraged to email a resume and cover letter to Ms. Tuled Giovanazzi at no later than March 3rd 2012.

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