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Classes (Calgary): Acting for the Stage and Screen

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Classes (Calgary): Acting for the Stage and Screen

Acting Classes for Stage and Screen

Ania Danylo  (403-547-2700)
Ania Danylo and Eric Pettifor are pleased to have Lisa Harrigan, former Miss Calgary and Miss Earth, join us as our modelling instructor!

Ania Danyl
Eric Pettifor
Lisa Harrigan

Winter 2012
Classes start January 20th at
Dalhousie Community Association – 5432 Dalhart Road NW, Calgary
Foothills Alliance Church – 333 Edgepark Blvd NW, Calgary
as well as at Ania’s Edgemont Studio

For more information on acting for stage and screen, the instructors and what the students have to say please visit

Film Scene Study
Introduction to techniques required to to develop and maintain characterization and connection with other actors. Experience the thrill of working in front of a camera and being able to view your own performance. See first hand the unique requirements of working on film — the different camera shots, the need for continuity, and deep exploration using your intuitiveness to feed emotional involvement bringing a script to life.

Modeling (Runway)
A model’s walk is a vital aspect of becoming a success in the industry. Training creates an understanding of the runway, and prepares aspiring & amateur models for the fashion industry. This class will review the basics of what a model needs to do on the runway. Topics covered will include; posing, posture, turns, expressions, how to walk, different types of walking, choreography, relating to the audience, walking in pairs or groups, working with props, self confidence and teamwork. There will be a strong emphasis on experience/practise in each class. High heels required in the older class.

Story Telling
Learn the age old art of storytelling. Students will explore a wide vocal variety of stories and traditional and innovative ways of sharing them with an audience. Narrative styles, as well as characterization through vocal changes and simple gestures will be introduced. Students will work through traditional, fairytales, myths and folklore, as well as original stories written by the students. Gain a solid understanding of a variety of storyline structures and performance techniques.

Students will be introduced to comedy fundamentals — timing, delivery of punch lines, character creation, comic ideas and situations. Comedy is scripted or unscripted, sketch, standup, live or for camera. The humour we find in everyday life will serve as the backbone of this course.

Monologues — Classical and Contemporary
Learn to develop completely rounded, believable, and exciting characters. Explore and extend your emotional range. Approaches will include line by line analysis, beats, division of the text into blocks, and making unique, interesting choices. Shakespeare and his contemporaries, as well as ancient Greek playwrights, will be our classical sources. Contemporary sources will include Canadian, British, and American playwrights.

Improvisation Class
Gain confidence and acting skills through the use of games, exercises and situational set-ups. Learn the art of making instant choices, reacting, developing story lines and exploring characterization. In the younger class, emphasis will be on fun and games. While fun will be a priority for the older class as well, emphasis will also be placed on improv as both creative tool and performance art.

Discover your own voice through the ease of singing. Gain Confidence while learning the difference between speaking and singing. Develop your ear to truly hear the difference in tones and find your own performance style. This course is designed for people who want to fine tune their singing style, as well as for the nervous beginner who doesn’t believe they can sing.

Voice and Diction
Gain confidence in personal speaking as well as public speaking. Develop ease of conversation in any setting. Learn how the voice works — increase projection, pronunciation, clarity of tone and stage presence. Learn how to colour words and focus on presentation to connect with any audience.

Accents and Dialects
Using your ear and the phonetic system, explore what is required to develop a believable accent. Learn about voice placement and how it varies throughout different regions of the world. Using vocal changes enables actors to portray a variety of extensions to their character range. Gain insight into what makes good accents and dialects and some of the pitfalls along the way.

Audition Technique
When does your audition begin? The moment you walk in the door. Learn what directors look for, as well as what they don’t want to see.

To register or for more information, contact Ania Danylo at 403-547-2700 or visit

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