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Arts Funding in Edmonton: Presentation today!

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Arts Funding in Edmonton: Presentation today!

Hey everyone:

I wanted to pass along this message from our friends over at the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE), regarding a presentation on arts funding in Edmonton.  If you could be at City Hall today at 1:30 to support Jennifer’s presentation, that would be great!


Hello all,

Our next newsletter is due out shortly for PACE members, but this call to action is a more immediate concern that we would like you to share with all arts supporters, professional artists and arts organizations in the Edmonton area.
On the afternoon of Wednesday, November 23 our new Chair, Jennifer Faulkner, will be making a presentation to City Council at their budget hearings in support of the arts and arts funding in Edmonton.  We would ask that as many of you as possible fill the gallery to show support for our position and to demonstrate clearly to City Council how widely championed the arts are among Edmonton’s citizens.
We have asked that Jennifer speak at 1:30 p.m.  She will have five minutes to make her presentation after which she can entertain questions from the Councillors and Mayor.  Please keep in mind that Jennifer will not be the only person making presentations to City Council on the budget and that can make the schedule run behind time.  Gallery observers are free to come and go during the presentations, but it would be appreciated if all of you could remain until Jennifer has finished her time at the microphone.
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