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Audition (Edmonton): Actors for Short Film

The Virgin Trial – Alberta Theatre Projects
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Audition (Edmonton): Actors for Short Film

Audition this Saturday, October 29th from 11am-3pm at the library in Capilano mall(upstairs).  I’m looking for comedic actors/actresses.

The 16-17 minute short film takes place in one night. Dean, has agreed to go to a Halloween party with Gary, Jimmy and Leah(role filled). He is the only normal one in the bunch and has no idea what he’s in for. They are all simply trying to find the party, if they would stop running into problems.

Mom- (small role) middle aged white trash party girl. She couldn’t care less what others thought of her. 

Dad- (small role) middle age and in the white trash dept., but he is also clueless as to just how unattractive his ways are. He comes off as having quite a bit of pride amongst his cluelessness.

Jimmy- thirty something, fun loving, positive and energetic. Jimmy’s always up for a good time. Two track mind. Girls. Parties.

Gary- thirty something, overlooked and underestimated. Gary’s the smartest of the bunch when it comes to common sense. He can be quiet and difficult to figure out. He says a lot with his eyes. Normally, he likes to avoid conflict, until the evening the film takes place.

Dean-twenty to thirty something, he’s the unsuspecting “normal” guy. Dean is polite and somewhat naive to the type of people he is hanging out with for the night.

Old Aunt- (small role) fifty something and up, like her nephew she’s part of the white trash clan.

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