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News: Equity Dues Referendum

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News: Equity Dues Referendum

Canadian Actor’s Equity Association (CAEA) national Council has announced a referendum on an increase to basic dues. 

There are two parts to the referendum proposal, to be decided separately. The first is an increase in the annual dues. The increase would be introduced in stages: basic dues would be set at $160 per year ($80 semi-annually) effective May 1, 2012, and increased in small increments each year thereafter until 2016.

The second proposal is to approve a mechanism through which modest basic dues adjustments could be made on a periodic basis, without having to go to the membership each time with a referendum. This question will be put separately from the first, so that members may decide each matter on its own merits.

Detailed background information is available in the Fall 2011 issue of the Council Link. (Please note, only CAEA members can access this link.)

Public information is available on Council President Allan Teichman’s blog Council Connection. He has also created two FAQ pages on the referendum: Referendum 2011 FAQs and Odds and Ends FAQs.

Important Dates:

• November 1 – voter kits mailed 
• November 7 – telephone and Internet voting opens
• December 8 – voting closes 
• December 9 – results announced 

For more information, contact Equity.


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