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Alberta PC and Liberal leadership candidates arts and culture platforms

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Alberta PC and Liberal leadership candidates arts and culture platforms

Both the Alberta Progressive Conservatives and the Alberta Liberals are gearing up for leadership races in the coming days — the Liberals on September 10 and the PCs on September 17. Find out where the candidates stand on arts and culture, and what they’re saying (or not saying) about the sector.

Alberta Progressive Conservative Candidates

Doug Griffiths
“Encourage and support arts, culture, recreation, and heritage. These activities are part of our community infrastructure and directly impact the quality of life in a community. Arts and culture activities thrive in communities with a positive attitude and outlook, without additional government funding. If the four pillars of the community are supported by government, the optimism of the individuals in that community will grow, which in turn will increase support for arts and culture.”

Doug Horner
“Arts and cultural activity is an important determinant of our quality of life and is also a growing sector of Alberta’s economy. Cultural pursuits encourage and develop creativity in participants, both performers and audiences. They foster and attract fresh and innovative thinking. Arts and cultural activity in schools helps to develop flexibility and openness of mind, enhances the ability to question and to solve problems and builds confidence, leadership, self-discipline and self-respect –- all skills that are prized in our society.”

Gary Mar 
“Full access to the education property tax will give local governments the stability and predictability they need to plan for strong and vibrant communities and result in an improved level of service for Albertans.”

Ted Morton 
“Ted understands that sound financial management is the foundation of good government.”

Rick Orman
“Rick believes that what makes Alberta the best place to live, work and raise a family are our varied landscapes, economic opportunities and the richness of our social and cultural experiences.”

Alison Redford 
“Culture and the arts all too often get short shrift in the public policy arena, although for many people they represent more than just entertainment. Embodying freedom and creativity, the arts are the deepest and truest way many Albertans express themselves and understand the world around them. On a larger scale, culture and the arts are also what make cities and Alberta itself great – great for Albertans and visitors alike. The arts and culture provide the colour and vitality that make our communities interesting places to live. They are just as important as bank balances or bottom lines and as Premier, I will give them the firm support they have lacked for so long. Although sports are often lumped in with culture, for investing purposes, my government will treat them separately.”

Alberta Liberal Candidates

Laurie Blakeman
“I’ve campaigned for human rights, equality seekers and social justice, support for the arts, constitutional reform and other issues.”

Bill Harvey
“My plan is to encourage stronger families and more inclusive communities will help to relieve the burden that isolationism causes.”

Hugh MacDonald
“We need to provide stable, long-term funding for municipalities to create efficient local planning.”

Bruce Payne
“Fixing Alberta’s government means first figuring out what our government should be doing, and what it shouldn’t. It means strongly supporting what we’re doing that’s right, and searching the world for improvements to programs that aren’t working right, or replacing them, altogether.”

Raj Sherman
“I want to develop a strong team capable of representing and defending Albertans’ values.”

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