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Walterdale Theatre announces renovation plans

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Walterdale Theatre announces renovation plans

Walterdale Playhouse
Bricks and Mortar, Guts and Dedication

Walterdale Theatre Associates is proud, and lucky, to be housed in one of Old Strathcona’s landmark historical buildings.  While sources vary, it is certain that the Firehall was built between 1909 and 1911, so whichever way you look at it, our illustrious home is now 100 years old.

The story of how this building has been renovated and maintained by Walterdale volunteers since 1974 is a story of determination and dedication.  Several major renovations have taken place along with continuous improvements and upgrading.

The building is designated as a Provincial Historic Resource.  In 2011, it will be designated as a Municipal Historic Resource as well.  Along with this designation, you will see some renovations and improvements between April and September.

1)    With funding support from the Enabling Accessibility Fund of the Government of Canada, the downstairs washrooms are going to be demolished and replaced with barrier-free washrooms for both men and women.  This will take place between April and June of 2011.

2)    With funding support from the City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta, the Firehall is going to get an exterior facelift. The windows, doors, cornice and concrete are going to be stripped and repainted.  The sidewalk along the west side of the building is going to be torn up and re-laid.  The back of the building will be cleaned up, and the north-east corner of the alley behind the theatre will be re-graded and paved to ensure water flow away from the building.

As with any renovations, there may be some things that cause inconvenience to our volunteers and patrons.  Please be patient and understanding as we once again work to keep our beautiful building in tiptop condition.

For more information visit http://walterdaleplayhouse.com

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