Fringe (Edmonton) “Invisible Child: Leilani Muir and the Alberta Eugenics Board” – MAA & PAA Theatre

In 1995, Leilani Muir launched one of the greatest David and Goliath battles of our history, suing the province for wrongful confinement and sterilization. Her lawsuit exploded into a class action lawsuit, provoked a constitutional challenge and lead to an international debate over our history of eugenic policies. MAA & PAA Theatre (Firing Lines ’11, Unmarried Wife ’10, Letters from Battle River ’07) weaves her story together with a frank and sometimes funny examination of new waves in eugenics.

Invisible Child is directed by Vincent Forcier, and features Randy Brososky, Linda Grass and Jenny McKillop. It is written by David Cheoros, with Leilani O’Malley and LM Morin.

Edmonton Fringe Festival – Strathcona Library BYOV
Wheelchair access, air conditioned comfort
Friday, Aug 17 – 3:30pm
Saturday, Aug 18 – 8:15pm
Monday, Aug 20 – 5:00pm
Tuesday, Aug 21 – 3:30pm
Wednesday, Aug 22 – 6:45pm
Thursday, Aug 23 – 9:45pm
Friday, Aug 24 – 9:45pm
Saturday, Aug 25 – 3:45pm
Sunday, Aug 26 – 1:00pm

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