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Audition (Edmonton / Alberta) – Female Voice Actors for video game characters – Simple Connections

CollageGeneral Information

Audition Information Page – Click here

We are very excited to be looking to audition voice actors (primarily female) for an upcoming indie game called Lyaria. The right audition will be extremely expressive and lively, bring a lot of energy to the roles – even the subdued ones. All characters will exude confidence and strength, but all will have their unique way of showing it.

The game takes place in a city called Lyaria – a Sleepy Hollow meets old London type city where everyone seems to be motivated by vices and self-interest (think prohibition-era Chicago meets Las Vegas). The inhabitants of Lyaria fall into two main categories, Fein and Urich.

For more information regarding the world and characters, please read our overview PDF and follow the links at the bottom to either of the two races:

Lyaria Overview – click here

Character Information / Audition Lines

If you want to jump right to it, these are the character descriptions along with some lines we’d like to hear you read for your audition. However, we’d like to emphasize that you are more than free to make up your own lines for the character – the more creative we feel you are, the better the chances we will use you for the game. That can be shown either through your vivid potrayal of the character and all the little subtleties that make their personality really shine through in the voice acting, or truly taking the character and making it your own with your own direction and speech / lines.

Submission - A phone recording is fine, and any file format is works but WAV, MP3s and M4As are preferred.  Submit to brett.ludwig@gmail.com 

Lyria Female Characters Overview and Lines – click to view PDF

What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): Ages of the Moon – Inadmissible Productions

Ages of the Moon - photo by Parazanda Valois

Ages of the Moon – photo by Parazanda Valois


Venue #1: Westbury
Runtime: 65 minutes
Price: $12.50 General, $10 Students/Seniors

Show Schedule:

Thursday, August 14, 11:45 pm
Friday, August 15, 4:45 pm
Tuesday, August 19, 2:15 pm
Wednesday, August 20, 9:15 pm
Friday, August 22, 6:15 pm
Saturday, August 23, 12:15 pm

Ages of the Moon by master American playwright Sam Shepard, features two old friends, now past middle age, entering the sunset of their lives. Ames has invited Byron, his loyal friend of over fifty years, to his country house to sympathize with his latest crisis. They reflect—or struggle to recall—their lives over a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon on the night of the lunar eclipse. As the bourbon flows, secrets are spilled, tempers flare, and things are said that can never be taken back.


Ames: David Wolkowski
Byron: Bill Roberts

Director: Giorgia Severini
Stage Manager: Sarah Valois
Assistant Stage Manager: Lori Wolkowski
Set Designer/Builder: Pierre Valois

What’s On (Calgary / Edmonton Fringe): The Sama Kutra – Dead Pigeon Productions

The Sama Kutra

Sizzle and Spark get into the swign of things in The Sama Kutra.

Sizzle and Spark get into the swign of things in The Sama Kutra.

After endless years of marriage the Fandangos are desperate to infuse some passion into their wilting relationship. Lost, afraid and confused, they blunder their way through a night of ridiculous erotic antics and kinky desires. Can the secrets of the ancient Sama Kutra save their love life?

Created and performed by
Jed Tomlinson and Jacqueline Russell

Directed by Michael Kennard

Warning: Mature Hilarious Content

Length: 60 minutes


Performances at the
Alexandra Centre Society
922 – 9 Avenue SE

Tickets: $ 15.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (see the Calgary Fringe website for further details).

For tickets:


Calgary Show Times

Sat Aug 2 – 9:00
Sun Aug 3 – 3:00
Sun Aug 3 – 7:00
Mon Aug 4 – 5:00
Thurs Aug 7 – 9:00
Fri Aug 8 – 9:00


Performances at
Venue # 31 Varscona Hotel- Rutherford Room
8211 – 106 Street

Th Aug 14 – 10:45
Fri Aug 15 – 5:30
Mon Aug 18 – 9:00
Tues Aug 19 – 7:15
Wed Aug 20 – 5:30
Thurs Aug 21 – 10:45
Fri Aug 22 -10:45
Sat Aug 23 – 9:00
Sun Aug 24 – 7:15

For tickets:


News (Calgary): 2014 Calgary Community Theatre Awards Nominations Announced

Calgary ACTS logoCALGARY, AB: Nominations for the 2014 CAT Awards (Community Theatre Awards), celebrating the best of community theatre in Calgary, were announced on July 22, 2014. There are 101 nominees in the 22 categories this year.

The CAT Awards are presented annually by CALGARY-ACTS, CALGARY’S ALLIANCE OF COMMUNITY THEATRES. Calgary-ACTS is a not-for-profit society founded in 2000 with a focus on promoting community theatre in Calgary. It also provides a network of communication, support and resource sharing for its members. This year’s ceremony will mark the eleventh annual presentation of the CAT Awards.

Calgary audiences were offered 39 productions from 16 local theatre companies who are members of Calgary ACTS. The awards acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the contributions of local theatre artists with NOMINATIONS SELECTED THROUGH A COMBINATION OF PUBLIC INPUT AND SHOW ADJUDICATIONS. Audiences were not disappointed by the quality and professionalism of the casts and crews of these productions

The recipients of the 2014 CAT Awards will be announced at the gala ceremony on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 at 7:30 pm at the Rozsa Centre at the University of Calgary. Please join the best in local community theatre for this amazing evening of celebration. BECAUSE SO MANY OF OUR PRODUCTIONS THIS YEAR REPRESENTED A NUMBER OF DECADES, THE THEME FOR THIS YEAR IS IT’S ABOUT TIME: THEATRE ACROSS THE AGES. CREATIVE COSTUMING IS POSSIBLE!

Tickets to the event are $15 and are on sale now through University ticketing at http://www.ucalgary.ca/tickets. Please visit www.calgary-acts.com for more information.




* Donna Barnfield as Frau Blücher in Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Kiki Secord as Mrs. Basking in Big, the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Kiki Secord as Pinocchio in Shrek, the Musical (StoryBook Theatre
* Shandra McQueen as the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods (Cappuccino Musical Theatre
* Tracy Smith as Ruth in The Pirates of Penzance (Morpheus Theatre)


* Christopher Willott as Lord Farquaad in Shrek, the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Janos Zeller as Igor in Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Keelan McAuley as Billy Kopecki in Big, the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Tenaj Wiliams as Donkey in Shrek, the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)


* Dean Caplan for Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Étienne St. Jacques for Big, The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Étienne St. Jacques for Shrek, The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Steven Eastgaard-Ross for My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)


* Bill Torrie for August: Osage County (Liffey Players)
* Dean Harrison for The Wild Guys (Dewdney Players)
* Jevon Hills for That Championship Season (TimeQuake Productions)
* Patrick Murray for Pastoral Paranoia (Scorpio Theatre)
* Patrick Murray for Reservoir Dogs (Scorpio Theatre)
* Patrick Murray for Who Knows (Scorpio Theatre)


* Bill Torrie for August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)
* Bill Torrie for That Championship Season (TimeQuake Productions)
* Dale Fea for The Wild Guys (Dewdney Players)
* Jamie Eastgaard-Ross/Steven Eastgaard-Ross for My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* JP Thibodeau, Lorie Masur, Rich Davis, Lilja Gareau Smith, Deb Miall, Bill Brown, Kristine Astop for Shrek, The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)


* Austin Halarewich as Manolo Costaquela in The Odd Couple – Female Version (Dewdney Players)
* Jerry Callaghan as Bill Fordham in August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)
* Matthew McDonald as Manuel in An Evening At Fawlty Towers (Workshop Theatre)
* Michael Pollock as Steve Heidebrecht in August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)


* Faith Amantea as Gretchen in Boeing Boeing (Morpheus Theatre)
* Kas Nixon as Ladybug in James and the Giant Peach (StoryBook Theatre)
* Katelyn Morishita as Johanna in August: Osage County (Liffey Players)
* Sandy Lucas as Hilda Fay in Who Knows (Scorpio Theatre)
* Victoria Souter as Califia in Pastoral Paranoia (Scorpio Theatre)


* Magz Ross (Designer), Tracy Young, Traci Ackerman, Donna Barnfield, Anna Caldwell, Lou Edwards, Christine Horne, Barbara Murphy, Nicole Ogilvie, Helen Willerton, Alexandra Worron, Christie Johnson, (Costume Support), Cat Bentley (Hair) Kristie Gallant (Make up) for My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* Magz Ross (Designer), Cat Bentley (Hair), Kirstie Gallant (Make-Up/Prosthetics) for Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Mikee Ames (Designer), Donna Barnfield, Sandy Forbes, Nancy Jette (costume support), James McGowan (Make up), Marina Sakellis (Make up support), Katelyn Morishita (Hair) for Young Frankenstein  (Front Row Centre Players)
* Rhonda Perry for Boeing Boeing (Morpheus Theatre)


* Dave Smith for That Championship Season (TimeQuake Productions)
* Dean Harrison for The Wild Guys (Dewdney Players)
* JP Thibodeau for Big The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* JP Thibodeau for Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)


* Big The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* The Pirates of Penzance (Morpheus Theatre)
* Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)


* James and the Giant Peach (StoryBook Theatre)
* Reservoir Dogs (Scorpio Theatre)
* That Championship Season (TimeQuake Productions)
* The Wild Guys (Dewdney Players)


* Angela Woodard for Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Danielle Desmarais for My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* Laura Solilo for Big The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)


* Aaron Conrad for August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)
* Aaron Conrad for Reservoir Dogs (Scorpio Theatre)
* Dennis Kaufman for And Then, The Lights Went Out… (Workshop Theatre)


* Danielle Wahl for My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* Danielle Wahl for Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Patrice Barnes for Big The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Patrice Barnes for Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Winnifred Hume and Ian Robertson for The Pirates of Penzance (Morpheus Theatre)


* Helen Young for No Way Back (Urban Stories Theatre)
* Jeff Carter for Pastoral Paranoia (Scorpio Theatre)
* Jesse Lynn Anderson for A Fall As Warm As This (Urban Stories Theatre)


* Allie Higgins-Pompu as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* Jamie Robinson as Fiona in Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Tanis Laatsch as Inga in Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Winnifred Hume as Mabel in Pirates of Penzance (Morpheus Theatre)


* Jarryd Baine as adult Josh Baskin in Big The Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Jeremy Walker as Shrek in Shrek the Musical (StoryBook Theatre)
* Michael Brown as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady (Front Row Centre Players)
* Mike Sornberger as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)


* Cynthia Salter-Audey for Always…Patsy Cline (Workshop Theatre)
* Graeme Humphrey/Matthew McDonald for Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Jamie Eastgaard-Ross for Young Frankenstein (Front Row Centre Players)
* Marian Hamilton for The Sound of Music (Painted Fish)
* Tim Elliott/Mike Johnson for The Pirates of Penzance (Morpheus Theatre)


* Bill Torrie for August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)
* Bill Torrie for That Championship Season (TimeQuake Productions)
* Brad Snowden for Odd Couple – Female Version (Dewdney Players)
* James Noonan for Boeing Boeing (Morpheus Theatre)
* Keith Kollee for Reservoir Dogs (Scorpio Theatre)
* Tanya Wolff/Bill Torrie for Stones in his Pockets (Liffey Players)


* Courtney Nelson as Max in Lend Me a Tenor (Strathmore Players Guild)
* Doug Keeling as Robert in Boeing Boeing (Morpheus Theatre)
* Jason Schneider as Dickie McDonald in Pastoral Paranoia (Scorpio Theatre)
* Jerod Blake as Jake (et al) in Stones in his Pockets (Liffey Players)
* Steve Hansen Smythe as Basil Fawlty in An Evening at Fawlty Towers (Workshop Theatre)


* Christine Alarie Rose as Olive Madison in The Odd Couple – Female Version (Dewdney Players)
* Donna Barnfield as Violet in August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)
* Erin Millar as Pam in Cocktails at Pam’s (Morpheus Theatre)
* Tanya Wolff as Barbara in August: Osage Country (Liffey Players)


August: Osage Country – Liffey Players
Producer: Chris Kane & Tanya Wolff,
Director: Bill Torrie
Stage Manager: China Marsh

Boeing Boeing – Morpheus Theatre
Producer: Faith Casement
Director: James Noonan;
Assistant Director: Phil Frias Stage Manager: Jody Low

New Canadian Kid – StoryBook Theatre
Producer: Jolene Anderson
Director: Karen Johnson-Diamond
Stage Manager: Cale Thompson

Reservoir Dogs – Scorpio Theatre
Producer: Daisy Pond,
Director: Keith Kollee,
Fight Director: Aaron Conrad
Stage Manager: Daisy Pond

That Championship Season - TimeQuake Productions
Producer: Greg Spielman
Director: Bill Torrie
Stage Manager: Daisy Pond

The Wild Guys – Dewdney Players
Producer: Jane Platt;
Director: Dean Harrison
Stage Manager: Barb Cook


Big The Musical – Storybook Theatre
Producers: Jolene Anderson, Gwen Linton, Tanis Lefroy
Director: *JP Thibodeau
Musical Director: Patrice Barnes
Choreographer: Laura Solilo
Stage Manager: Liz Butterfield

Into the Woods – Cappuccino Musical Theatre
Producers: Bryan Smith, Jen Leclaire
Director: *Tory Doctor
Musical Director: Mandee Marcil
Choreographer: Eden Hildebrand
Stage Manager: Samantha Bellamy-Smith

My Fair Lady – Front Row Centre Players
Producer: Jenn Clarke Brown
Director: Jamie Eastgaard-Ross
Musical Director: Danielle Wahl
Choreographer: Danielle Desmarais
Stage Manager: Gina Damberger

Shrek the Musical – Storybook Theatre
Producers: Ainsley Ohler, Maria Bernardin, Lorie Masur, Jacqueline Bourque
Director: *Mark Bellamy
Musical Director: Patrice Barnes
Choreographer: Angela Woodard
Stage Manager: Jody Low

Young Frankeinstein – Front Row Centre Players
Producer: Darren Stewart
Directors: Graeme Humphrey/Matthew McDonald
Musical Director: Danielle Wahl
Choreographers: Danielle Desmarais/Kara Chapman
Stage Manager: Cale Thompson 

What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): Tree Hugger – Foundation Theatre

Poster design by Sandra Heath

Poster design by Sandra Heath

A new Fringe show by Alyson Dicey and Ellie Heath! Tree Hugger is a show for all ages. When Billie has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life, she meets a new best friend: A tree who dreams of being someone’s special Christmas Tree one day. Friendship and imagination are the core of this play where two friends learn to take the risks that let them to follow their dreams.


Venue #10: Acacia Hall (10433 83 ave)
Run Time: 50 mins
Price: $10


Aug 16 2:15pm
Aug 17 6:30pm
Aug 18 4:30pm
Aug 20 8:00pm
Aug 21 10:15pm
Aug 23 12:15pm

Written by: Ellie Heath and Alyson Dicey
Starring: Ellie Heath and Alyson Dicey
Directed by: Morgan Smith
Set/Costumes design by: Sydney Gross
Sound design by: Jesse Northey

“Having a best friend is being a best friend!”

Event (Edmonton): Play reading – The Ugly Princess – Script Salon


The Edmonton and area members of the Playwrights Guild of Canada are pleased to announce the fourth of their SCRIPT SALON events. SCRIPT SALON showcases some of the most talented theatre writers in the region with new plays ripe for production read by professional actors in the elegant setting of Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Presented the first Sunday of every month with a different play by a different playwright featured every time, SCRIPT SALON is a bounteous buffet of sizzling comedy, drama, romance and adventure forged by the power of imagination.

On Sunday August 3 at 7:30 PM SCRIPT SALON will present Heather Morrow’s subversive comic fairy tale: THE UGLY PRINCESS.

THE STORY: Helena is the crown princess of the rich, tiny kingdom of Halla, but she is also genuinely ugly.  Her father, King Harald, has been declared insane.  The king, the ugly princess, and her cousin the duchess have been shut away in a remote castle with only one smarmy servant.  And when the proverbial handsome prince Eric insists on visiting Halla’s royal family, he brings an unexpected storybook ending.

Read by Julien Arnold, Lora Brovold,  Oscar Derkx, Tom Edwards and Alana Hawley.

Sunday August 3 at 7:30 in the Upper Arts Space at Holy Trinity Anglican Church (10037 84 Avenue).

Admission is free although donations are accepted. Refreshments will be provided. Parking is free.

After the reading the audience is encouraged to ask questions and provide commentary directly to the playwright.

SCRIPT SALON is sponsored and supported by the Playwrights Guild of Canada, Alberta Playwrights Network and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

For further information, please contact David Belke at 780 437-7507

Audition (Calgary): 2014/2015 Season Generals – StoryBook Theatre

Imagine_StorybookStoryBook Theatre is thrilled to announce
This year we will hold three rounds of auditions:

This season we have three productions which will be offering honourariums to the actors involved.

Sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084dada82fab9-2014153

ROUND TWO – FAMILY MUSICALS – SEPTEMBER 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20

Sign Up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084dada82fab9-2014151


Sign Up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409084dada82fab9-thehobbit1

More show information, including rehearsals, performances and requirements can be found on our website www.storybooktheatre.org/auditions

Any other questions can be directed toward auditions@storybooktheatre.org

Audition (Calgary): 2014 Generals – Artists’ Collective Theatre

mona.warholx4On Sunday, August 10th, Artists’ Collective Theatre will be having general auditions for our upcoming season.

Plays have been selected, but will not be announced until we’ve nailed down a few last details. Women and men of all ages and ethnicities are invited to submit.

One play we have announced is our school tour of ‘The Shape of a Girl’ by Joan MacLeod. This is mostly cast, but we are still looking for one female actor, aged 15 to 20 for this production.

If you would like to be considered for a spot, please send resume and headshot to info@acttheatre.ca with your name and “audition request” in the subject line. Deadline August 8th. Only those selected will be contacted.

Likewise you are welcome to send any questions to the same address, info@acttheatre.ca

What’s On (Edmonton Fringe): TOBIT – One Candle Productions

The Oldest Story at this Year’s Fringe Festival!

poster_front_rgbFragments of the story of TOBIT were found with the Dead Sea Scrolls, the single most important archaeological manuscript find of the twentieth century. TOBIT is an Israelite living in Nineveh with his wife and son. in 710 B.C. This exciting drama is the tale of his life and that of Sarah, a young woman whose husbands die soon after entering the bridal chamber.

A twelve-member cast presents this entertaining story. Don’t miss it!
$12.50 adults, $10.00 students and seniors

First show at 11:59 (almost midnight) on Opening Night of the Fringe: Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fundraiser (Edmonton): Battle for the Limelight – Northern Light Theatre

At NOON on September 6th, teams comprised of theatre lovers and theatre artists alike will convene at Queen Alexandra Community Hall to receive their first challenge. Each challenge successfully completed will result in clues to subsequent challenges, all taking place in and around the Old Strathcona area. Some challenges will require the entire teams’ participation, while others may require the specialized skill of one individual.

Upon completion of the race, all participants are invited back to Queen Alexandra Community Hall for a barbeque (the food’s on us) and the announcement of the winner of the prestigious “Golden Handjob” award. 


1. Build a team. Maximum four people. All players must be 18+ years of age. More than four of you want to join? Enter more than one team!

2. Complete the registration form and submit to eventsnlt@gmail.com. Registration deadline is August 15th, 2014. 

3. Pay the $100 registration fee (per team) by cash, cheque, or credit card. Cheques made payable to Northern Light Theatre.

4. Each team member must complete the attached “waiver and release” form before the commencement of the race on September 6th. 

5. Use the supplied Pledge Form to raise money for the theatre/performing arts company of your choice. The company you pick keeps everything you raise. Multiple teams may raise money for the same company. 

6. Show up to Queen Alexandra Community Hall (10425 University Avenue) on September 6th ready to battle for the limelight!

News (Edmonton): The Citadel Theatre announces 2014/2015 Beyond the Stage Season

Citadel-Theatre-Black1The Citadel Theatre announces the
2014/2015 Beyond the Stage Series
presented by ATB Financial

EDMONTON- Artistic Director Bob Baker and the Citadel Theatre are pleased to announce the 2014-2015 Beyond the Stage Series listed below. The Beyond the Stage Series is a continuation of the Citadel’s ongoing efforts to engage with new audiences and enrich the experiences of Edmonton theatregoers.

Crash The Citadel – Saturday, September 27 The Beyond the Stage Series kicks off with a bang at the third annual Crash The Citadel. A dance party, featuring Edmonton’s legendary Latin funk band, Maracujah!

Krystle Dos Santos: The Motown Sound – October 3, 4 A Motown soul revival cabaret Featuring the velvety vocal stylings of Krystle Dos Santos.

Wannabe: ‘Tis The Season To Be Spicy! – December 11, 12, 13 Girl Power is back by popular demand! Canada’s leading Spice Girls Tribute Band will hit The Club stage this December for what is sure to be a very Spicy Christmas

It Takes Two: Kate Ryan and Susan Gilmour Sing Sondheim – January 30, 31 A tribute to one of Broadway’s most celebrated creators, Stephen Sondheim. Starring Kate Ryan & Susan Gilmour

Kellylee Evans Live in Concert – March 6, 7 Kellylee Evans’ smooth, intoxicating vocal style and mix of jazz, soul, and hip hop is a perfect fit for the intimate setting of The Club at the Citadel

Winner & Losers - April 9 – 19 Winners and Losers is a staged conversation that embraces the ruthless logic of modern-day capitalism, and tests its impact on our closest personal relationships. Theatre artists and long-time friends Marcus Youssef and James Long sit at a table and play a game they made up called “winners and losers,” in which they name things and people — Pamela Anderson, microwave ovens, Goldman Sachs, their fathers — and debate whether, from their perspective, these things are winners or losers.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a piece of theatre that feels so raw and dangerous.” – The GRID

“One of the most exciting, intelligent – and entertaining – shows you’ll see this season” – Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

John Wort Hannam: Alberta Roots – May 8, 9 John Wort Hannam is one of the new torch-bearers of a vast songwriting tradition in the styles of John Prine, Louden Wainwright III, and Steve Earle but proudly Canadian.

Six-event ticket packages for the 2014/2015 Beyond the Stage Series go on sale August 1, starting as low as $153+GST.

Stay tuned for more information about special presentations and events including master classes, play readings, guest speakers, and more, including a special concert announcement September 15.

For more information about the 2014/2015 season visit www.citadeltheatre.com or call the box office at 780.425.1820 and toll-free at 888.425.1820.

Job (Calgary): Assistant Technical Director – Theatre Junction Society

theatrejunction_logo_go10Theatre Junction GRAND
Assistant Technical Director

Job Description

Reporting to the Technical Director (TD), the Assistant Technical Director (ATD) assists and collaborates with the TD on all elements of the production department, ensuring an on-time and on-budget production, including facilitating the flow of information between artistic, administrative and production personnel. The ATD is the primary person responsible for the on site supervision of technical crew, setups, events, and strikes.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. General

• Learn the technical equipment of the theatre (rigging, lighting, sound, stage, and video) and assume responsibility for training all technical resources for productions, presentations and rentals
• Schedule and co-ordinate all theatre and production activities including:

o production schedules
o production meetings
o tech week
o strikes

• Assist in the preparation of production budgets as related to the technical aspects of the show
• Prepare, oversee and coordinate the technical schedule in collaboration with the TD
• Prepare theatre drawings and plots with Vectorworks where necessary
• Secure appropriate technical resources for each production and presentation within budget
• Coordinate efficient production equipment maintenance programs and safety programs
• Anticipate production and budget issues and bring them to the attention of the TD for consultation and solution
• Provide general leadership for technical staff as required in order to ensure efficient technical operations in the theatre
• Supervise all technical crew during setups, events (as needed), and strikes to ensure efficient and effective work is being done
• Other tasks as assigned by the TD

2. Administration

• Responsible for any keys, credit cards and petty cash floats given to visiting artists and crew
• Manage daily facility schedule of operations with restaurant, TD & music programmer
• Coordinate drivers for various pick-ups and returns
• Organize the food & beverages for Opening nights & VIP nights, and manage the budget for same
• Coordinate and book travel, hotels and airport pick-ups/returns
• Secure liquor licenses
• Coordinate all Studio events
• Prepare and distribute weekly/monthly schedules and update all callboards.
• Report all accidents/incidents immediately to the Facility Operations Manager (Chair of Health and Safety Committee)
• Abide by all company rules and bylaws as detailed in Human Resources policies
• Ensure that internal communications are as efficient as possible and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the production team
• Attend and participate in team meetings, production meetings, and Health and Safety Committee meetings

3. Qualifications:

• A minimum of two years experience in theatre preferably in a management role (technical director, assistant technical director, production assistant)
• Good general understanding of all technical aspects of theatre and live shows including stage carpentry, sound, lighting, scenic carpentry, and video
• Superior computer skills including the use of office programs (excel, word, powerpoint, dropbox)
• Superior organizational skills
• Knowledge of Vectorworks drafting software
• Experience in dance, live music and other performing arts is an asset
• Flexibility, autonomy, and superior leadership skills
• Ability to manage large groups of people with tightly defined schedules
• Knowledge of IATSE working environments an asset
• Must be a team player
• Ability to work well under pressure
• Superior communication skills
• Must love theatre and live performing arts

Theatre Junction GRAND employees work under direct working agreements with Theatre
Junction Society.

Theatre Junction GRAND is a contemporary performance theatre updated and restored
from it’s original 1912 construction and is one of the top theatre’s in Calgary
Alberta. Theatre Junction is the only theatre in the region expressly dedicated to
the cultivation of contemporary live performance as its primary focus. Theatre
Junction works with technical crews provided through IATSE and employs three head
technicians (sound, lights, and stage) from the same. The building features two
main theatre spaces, the Flanagan main theatre and the Studio auxiliary theatre.
The lobby of the building features a modern restaurant and bar called WORKSHOP where
audiences and others alike gather pre and post events or anytime. Productions in
both spaces range from contemporary theatre, to dance, music, corporate events and
beyond. Working with the TD the ATD is the primary person responsible for the
supervision of on site work and is required to be present at the majority of events
that happen in the theatre spaces. Theatre Junction’s resident company of artists
produce approximately one show per season through an exploratory and collaborative
process requiring outside the box thinking in order to execute. Much research,
brainstorming, creativity and planning will be required during the creation of new
work by the RCA and tasks/schedules may be a-typical during this period.

Ideal Date of Position Commencement: Immediately.

For more information on Theatre Junction GRAND, please visit our website:

Salary: Commensurate to experience.

Click here to view job posting as a PDF.

Audition (Edmonton): ATCO Energy Theatre 2014 Workshop and Fall Tour

ATCO_et_4aAUDITION: ATCO Energy Theatre 2014 Workshop and Fall Tour

Workshop: September 15 – October 3, 2014
School Tour: October 6 – 31, 2014

Producer: Erin Newell-Lupien
Director: Maralyn Ryan
Writer: M. Ryan
Music and lyrics: Justin McDonough
Stage Manager: Molly Pearson

Audition: Saturday, August 30th, 2014
Time: 10am – 3pm
Where: Workshop West Theatre (11516 – 103 Street NW, Edmonton, AB)

Please prepare one song (a capella)

ATCO Energy invites auditions from musical theatre performers aged 20 – 40 for the new upcoming production of the ATCO Energy Theatre Tour.

Since 2007, ATCO Energy Theatre has “edu-tained” over 100,000 elementary school students across Alberta about natural gas, carbon monoxide and electricity, in a fun, theatrical way.

NOTE: This is a non-equity contract; however, our contracts are competitive within industry standards.

Performers must be available for the entire contracted period, including some weekends and are required to travel and have overnight stays when the tour requires. Performers must be able to lift up to 45 lbs.

To book an audition, please contact Gregory Caswell @ (780) 420-7706.

For more information about ATCO Energy Theatre, please visit www.atcoenergytheatre.com

Job (Calgary): Woodshop Technician – Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD)

ACAD-logoThe Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) is committed to an academic studio-based education for students in fine art, design, craft and digital media. The result is a rigorous studio program, which produces critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and artists with well-defined practices. ACAD is a leading centre for education and research; a catalyst for creative inquiry and cultural development. We engage the world and create possibilities.

Calgary, the cultural capital of Canada for 2012, is situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. ACAD, an integral part of Canada, Alberta and Calgary’s cultural community, offers four year bachelor’s programs and is developing our first graduate program. The College is developing an exciting long term vision that reaffirms its educational mission within an arts and cultural context where design and creativity are keys to the cultural prosperity agenda.

The Alberta College of Art + Design welcomes applications for the following regular part-time (recurring) position:

Woodshop Technician 1415-JL-AP-04

Reporting to the Associate Vice-president Academic + Instructional Affairs, the Woodshop Technician conducts demonstrations and training sessions in support of studio classes at the College, and provides individual assistance and advice to students, with respect to all aspects of art + design production relative to the Woodshop. Monitors and oversees Woodshop facilities, equipment, and supplies and materials disposal, with particular focus upon health and safety matters. Monitors components of area operating and capital budgets, and provides direction and general supervision to student monitors employed within the Woodshop.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Conducts demonstrations and orientations for studio classes, instructors, and approved staff, provides individual assistance and advice to students, with respect to the safe operation, care and handling of tools and equipment employed in the Woodshop area.

- Conducts training sessions for studio classes in the Woodshop, and provides individual assistance and advice to students

- Provides direction and general supervision to student monitors, inclusive of recruitment, training (including health and safety), and scheduling.

- Performs routine and preventative maintenance servicing for Woodshop equipment inventory, and arranges for major repairs or equipment replacement.

- Prepares equipment, materials and supplies for workshop use as required, builds stretcher forms, cuts wood supplies for Bookstore sales and supports in the preparation of student work.

- Designs and constructs tools and fixtures for general Woodshop use and/or specific project application (such as jigs and router tables).

- Monitors Woodshop equipment, materials and supply inventories, and researches and coordinates the purchase of expendable materials and capital equipment.


- Two Year Diploma (or equivalent)
– Minimum of three (3) to five (5) years’ experience as a professional carpenter, finishing carpenter or theatre /film carpenter
– WHMIS is an asset
– First Aid Training is an asset
– Advanced knowledge of the operation and repair of woodworking and carpentry tools and equipment to meet Woodshop needs.
– Ability to complete tasks of a physically demanding nature.
– Excellent inter-personal, organizational and communication skills.

As a member of the AUPE bargaining unit (Local 071/006), this is a permanent part-time position working thirty-five (35) hours per week for thirty-six (36) weeks per year from mid-August to around the end of April.

As a classification 7, the starting range of pay is a prorated amount based on the permanent full time salary of $55,418 – $59,370 annually, dependent upon skills, education and experience.

Please submit applications via our Careers page, including a cover letter and CV. This posting will remain open until filled. acadcareers.silkroad.com

Further information about the College and this position is available on our website at www.acad.ca. ACAD is an equal opportunity employer and is strongly committed to fostering diversity within our community. We welcome those who would contribute to the further diversification of the College. We encourage expressions of interest from all qualified applicants for consideration for this or other suitable vacancies although applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority.

The collection of personal information is for the purpose of determining eligibility and suitability for employment as authorized by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, section 33(c). If you have any questions about the collection of your information, please contact Human Resources at hr@acad.ca.

While we thank all candidates for their interest, only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Job (Red Deer): Culture Superintendent – The City of Red Deer

CORD-LOGO-2-C-COLOUR-SmallThe City of Red Deer is always on the hunt for talented and success driven people. We offer a great work environment with the opportunity to work with a dynamic and dedicated team of likeminded professionals.

Culture Services at The City of Red Deer works hard to support the dynamic artists and innovative historians who call our city home. We provide community development and support services to arts and heritage programs in Red Deer. As the Culture Superintendent, you’ll be responsible for the overall leadership and supervision of the Culture section with the Recreation, Parks and Culture department. From communication and public relations to risk and safety management, you’ll play an essential role in contract management, budgeting, and policy development for the Culture section. You’ll also support a team of employees in coordinating community development initiatives and planning programs and services. The Culture Superintendent has a great rapport with community agencies and maintains partnerships that allow The City to meet the need for new programming, helping everyone to see and experience all that Red Deer’s vibrant cultural scene has to offer.

As our preferred candidate you will have:

• Related university undergraduate degree such as Recreation Administration, Arts and Culture Administration, Business Administration or Physical Education.
• Minimum of five years experience at a management level in a recreation, parks or culture setting in management and program service delivery that must include demonstrated community development approach to service delivery.
• Experience in senior management in a recreation, parks or culture delivery system with demonstrated ability to put together successful delivery teams and to facilitate community development approach to service delivery.

If you like what you have read, and think this is the job for you; come build your career with The City of Red Deer. We are committed to a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community. Our employees are the cornerstone of our organization and working with us will provide you with the opportunity to work in an ever growing environment that offers a competitive salary, and to work with an awesome group of people.

For further information and to apply online, please visit our website at www.reddeer.ca/hr or submit your application via e-mail to humanresources@reddeer.ca.

This posting will remain open until a successful candidate is found.